Me, Moi, Yo, Mir, Mig

So here it is, my life in a nutshell…


I’m a mum with four children under the age of 12. They make me smile, they make me cry, they make me laugh, they frustrate me and yet they make me ever so proud. My family and I live in the quieter suburbs of cosmopolitan Southern Melbourne close to a beautiful sandy beach in Port Phillip Bay, in a street lined with Australian natives, surrounded by kind neighbours who share their sugar, lemons and baking tins in time of need.

I’m a full-time primary school teacher who has had the opportunity to work in some of the most inspiriting educational contexts over the past fifteen years. Working full-time is a forever challenge… but it’s how I like it. I love my job. I feel like every day I get an ‘ah ha’ moment, a child challenges my thinking, the educational system challenges my thinking. I am in a forever changing profession and whilst it is certainly challenging at times I wouldn’t do anything else.

I’m a plant lover. My house crawls with greenery and I relish the contrast of colours, the variety, the shape of the leaves and the calmness they bring out in me. Though watering them all (I have 88 in total) can at times be a challenge. My house with my plants is my happy place.


I’m creative and passionate about the arts. I thrive when presented with opportunities to use my hands to create and perfect. I get tingles when I find an abandoned piece of furniture on the side of the road. Like the story of the Velveteen Rabbit, I want to give them love and a new life.

I’m a wife finds it hard to make time for the father of my children but who quietly admires his power of observation, calmness, fiery smile and dark brown eyes.

I’m a woman who is at times anxious, forever striving for a presentable house, a Hygge  home for my family, varied homemade dinners, creative school lunches opportunities for my children.

I’m a worrier. Are my children resilient enough? Are they happy? Have I spent enough time with each of them today? Have I listened to them and responded appropriately? Have I helped guide them on their lives to become passionate, kind and life-long learners?

I’m a learner who loves to pick up a book and plunge herself into a new world, into the shoes of a villainous character, into the historical world of art and culture… a good thriller makes for an exciting evening in bed.

I’m a traveler who is lucky to have seen many wonderful parts of our beautiful planet but wants to see so much more.  The reality is that travel can be expensive, especially when there are six humans in your family. Life is short, so perhaps the best I will ever get to seeing the Nordic Lights will be on a Netflix documentary.

I’m frustrated… why is it so difficult to find time for myself these days, surely it can’t be this hard to get to the gym or go out to that eatery everyone is raving. Why does money not grow on a tree? Why don’t my children listen to me when I explain for the thousandth time that no, not all ten year olds have their own Iphone 11.

I’m a perfectionist… my high standards always getting entangled within my thoughts and decisions. I’m complex… but who isn’t?

So there we have my life, in a small nutshell… I want to tell my story. The reality; full of it’s complexities, challenges and countless opportunities. The fact of the matter is that no nutshell is perfect, we may continuously seek perfection but let’s put a spotlight on life and capture moments which make our reality beautiful.



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