My Island Home

The past few weeks has made me reflect on how much of my day to day life relies on my interacting with small businesses.  From my morning coffee stop where I wrap my fingers around a strong soy latte #roseandcliveworkshop, to my post work stopover at the local bakery #thehamptonsbakery for my seeded sourdough loaf, to my daughter’s afterschool drop off at aerobics #aerodancesportsaerobics right through to my evening online shopping for the materials I will require to reupholster my roadside find #padghamupholstery.  

Upholstery #padghamupholstery

And that is just the start.  All of a sudden, my daily routines have had to grind to a halt. I’m ok, although I do prefer a take away coffee to a homemade one (sigh) But what about those most affected by these changes?  The local small businesses? How will they get through these changes and how can I support them?

Rose and Clive Cafe #roseandcliveworkshop

In Australia we are home to small businesses. It’s one of the reasons why we are proud Australians.  We take risks, we think outside the square, we get creative, we take the leap and we are supported by our communities and the government.  As a nation we have such diverse abilities and we flock to support new crafts, cafes, restaurants and wellbeing businesses which pop up within our communities.  Having lived internationally I see how this makes us so unique!  My heart slumped on the weekend when I spoke to a friend of mine whose privately owned gym was to be closed throughout this pandemic. This dynamic couple who manage the business has to go home and think about how they will pay the school fees for their two children, the cost of groceries and mortgage repayments.  My thoughts go out to those who have had to close their doors in light of the changes we are been forced to make to protect our communities.

I have not faced such a crisis at any stage of my life.  I am apprehensive of what the next few months will bring. How will we, as Australians, so used to outdoor activities, socializing and travel move through these challenging times?  We will have to be open-minded and creative moving forwards. 

Morning coffee and hot chocolate at our favourite #thehamptonsbakery ‘nothing like the smell of fresh bread’

Over the past weeks, parents have taken their children out of schools early, after school activities have been cancelled, restaurants and cafes have started offering coupons and free delivery.  We each play a huge role in protecting our local small businesses. Let’s continue to order our daily take away coffee, let’s ask for delivery of our fruit and vegetables from our local grocers, let’s buy a freshly baked loaf of bread to take home. But when the time comes when we are no longer safe to engage outdoors and are confined to our homes, think of having your meals delivered, shop online and share ideas and tips with those in your close circles of how you are supporting your local businesses.

Meanwhile, enjoy your family time! Think creative, take risks… it’s going to be ok! Parenting isn’t easy but your children will always remember the smells and excitement of childhood so lets make this time we have been gifted matter.

Toasting marshmellows in our small firepit on the deck of our tiny backyard! #makingmemories

We need to put kindness first and work through these times together.  This is what Australians do. We are compassionate and kind and we will get through this. We will come out of this a tad scruffy but not broken.

#weareaustralian #roseandclive #thehamptonsbakery #aerodancesportsaerobics #supportourcommunity #coronavirus #lockdown #wearestrongertogether

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