Welcome to A Life In Focus

I finally launched into writing this blog with an open mind. I want to share with you what my life looks like as a mother of four, as a wife, a teacher and a dreamer. I want to shine a light on the ways in which my life ticks… slowly, beautifully, outrageously crazily at times and highlight the small secrets which I have packed under my sleeve that help me smile and live through everyday with an open mind.

It isn’t easy and I don’t want to be another blogger who pretends that my life is perfect, my house beautiful and that I have it all together, all of the time. I don’t. Do any of us? I’m learning that life is meant to challenge you, it throws daily challenges at you that at times hit hard and take everything you have to move through, but with the help of small deliberate choices and actions, I am able to cope.

This is where my love of plants, food, impromptu outings on weekends with my family and the creation of a warm, inviting and comfortable home and work environment keep me me…

I’d like to share my daily journey with you. That of a real woman.